About Cult Candy

Cult Candy is a collaboration between mother and daughter, Angie Adams and Jazmin Bean. It’s a product of their collective experiences and ideas. Having been approached to create a collaborative makeup brand, Jazmin and Angie were hugely excited to have the opportunity to realise their vision.

Angie Adams: punk rock power

Angie Adams is a former all-girl rock band drummer, qualified homeopath, and founder of Cult Candy. She studied at the London College of Fashion before leaving to tour the world with her band Fluffy. Angie formed the all-girl punk band Fluffy with some close friends in the West London/Portobello Road rock’n’roll scene. Signed to Virgin Records, Fluffy’s debut album was released in 1996. The band regularly featured in the press (Melody Maker, Kerrang! and NME, as well as Spin and Rolling Stone magazines), and helped to define an important era in music.
Fluffy started playing in a lot of glam and fetish clubs in London and went on to touring with the Sex Pistols, Marilyn Manson and The Foo Fighters, and playing with Iggy Pop. They performed at legendary venues like CBGBs, The Viper Room and The Budokan. The band enjoyed the 90s alternative club scene in London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and met amazing and inspiring musicians and artists around the world. After Fluffy, Angie lived in New York for a couple of years where she frequented the Lower East Side music and club scene before making the move back to London.
Angie cites some of her musical inspirations as Punk Rock, MC5, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, David Bowie, the Ramones and Siouxie Sioux. Across fashion and media, she’s been influenced by Vivienne Westwood, 80s cartoons and tattoo art. She’s also heavily influenced by Japan, from the Harajuku girls to established artists such asTakashi Murakamiand Yayoi Kusama.

Jazmin Bean: inspired by the wild and wonderful

Jazmin Bean is an artist, working with a range of different media. Some of Jazmin’s inspirations are Tim Burton, Jim Henson and Sanrio. She is extremely inspired by colourful and odd creatures that are disturbing yet cute. Much like the characters of her inspirations, she tries with her work to transform herself into her own creature. It all relates back to her music and fashion interests, which are wide-ranging and eclectic.
Angie says: “Working with Jazz is amazing, as I have so much admiration for her creativity, her commitment to her art and her drive”

Cult Candy: never compromising on standards

What makes Cult Candy stand out amongst other brands is its fundamental commitment to the principles of being vegan and cruelty-free. Cult Candy caters for everyone, whether it’s the wonderful and outlandish or the simpler side of makeup.
We think it’s brilliant that there’s so much more awareness around gender identity now, compared with previous times. But we’re genuinely inclusive – we don’t expect people to have to define their gender identity. What’s important is that people have the opportunity to create individual looks and to express themselves, whoever they are. At Cult Candy, we are what we are on all surfaces.
We also believe fundamentally that it’s vital to meet the highest ethical standards across the board. Everyone should be aware that they need to make a contribution to future, by being more aware of the environment. We’re not going to compromise our identity and integrity to fit in with what’s in fashion at the time, or what other brands are doing. We’ll always be about respect – respect for animals, for individuals and for the planet.